To achieve excellence in vertical transport SAFELY backed by commitment and dedication to provide our customers a reliable product with world class technology .Every product from passenger and freight elevators to service and hospital elevators updated technology Custom Solutions to provide perfect fit to your project.

Elevator Installation and Maintenance in Karnataka

VAJRA Elevators has decades of experience in elevator installation and maintenance. And on top of that, an avant-garde, Bangalore-based manufacturing facility to meet customized needs with precision and speed. If complete customization, great design, robust functionality, and awesome support are in your mind, VAJRA Elevators is the Solution. modernization and maintenance of lifts. Vajra Elevators And Escalators managements team bring deep expertise in the field of transport technology.


VAJRA Elevators And Escalators is an iso 9001 - 2016 certified company and this attests our high management standards. Each product undergoes stringent testing by our highly qualified in-house engineers. Vajra Elevators and Escalators have obtained the confirmative mark. Proving to be completely adherent to the standards of lift safety and quality. Our commitment and dedication are to giving our customers a superior product with excellent services.
VAJRA Elevators And Escalators began with a simple concepts: to achieve excellence in vertical transportation.With more than two decades in the field of installation. modernization and maintenance of lifts.Vajra Elevators And Escalators managements team brings deep expertise in the field of transport technology.

  • Emergency Solutions
  • Standard Service Quality
  • Modern Elevators


    To maintain your building's vitality you must ensure they function properly. To keep your building in peak condition, VAJRA Elevators is committed to optimizing your equipment's performance.


    VAJRA Elevators have realized through our experience, professional work that delay in civil and electric work for vertical transport industry in the elevator shaft .


    With Top class technology, Creative Development, professional team, efficient management experience the superior service backup of vajra elevators.


    VAJRA Elevators Service Department offers preventive maintenance programs for different variants of elevators. From our basic service type contract .

    Our Products

    Our Range of products are available in various options of Powder quoted finishes as per your requirements.
    The following cabin models are available at VAJRA Elevators Elevators.

    Hydraulic lift

    Hydraulic elevators are elevators which are powered by a piston that travels inside a cylinder.

    Capsule Cabin

    Capsule Type Cabin has Glass on the Front Side of the Cabin Thereby making.

    SS Design Cabins

    The designer cabin is quite a unique addition to your premises.

    MS Powder Coated Cabin

    We are among the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of optimum quality MS Powder Coated Cabin.

    Doors Elevator

    The door on the elevator car is often referred to as a gate. In the early days these were expanding collapsible and therefore called gates.

    ss golden finish glass door

    The name, you can safely associate with the most advanced & trusted elevator technologies.

    We are the Best In Elevator Business.

    We solicit your valued enquires for lift requirements and assure you of most competitive price and prompt delivery. In specific cases early deliveries can be considered. We have well qualified and experienced engineers supported by technical team, for easy and fast communication for customer service.

  • On time Delivery
  • Cost cutting solutions
  • Timely Maintenance
  • Emergency Solutions
  • Best Infrastructure
  • Satisfactory.
  • We ensure safety and durability of our lifts and elevators

    We set up a well developed quality testing Unit, which is managed by highly skilled quality Auditors.

    Our Services

    Our Range of products are available in various options of Powder quoted finishes as per your requirements.
    The following cabin models are available at VAJRA Elevators.We provide service standards with reasonable and measurable expectation for the customer, and an honest commitment taken by us, to attain or surpass expectations.

    Elevator Installation

    We undertake installation of all kinds of elevator installations, with latest features like integrated drives, in-built Auto Rescue Device and many more.

    Annual Maintenance

    Make sure your equipment is in perfect shape by opting for our Annual Maintenance Contract, with service options to suit your budget and need.

    Elevator Modernisation

    Upgrade your existing elevator with our latest range of elevator products, specially manufactured to overcome space constraints in old buildings.


    Completely imported Escalator solutions for indoor as well as outdoor installations with a wide range of load capacity.


    Annual Maintenance Contract

    We are one of the reliable and well known service providers for elevators maintenance. We offer our clients annual maintenance contract for all types of lifts.


    Installation works are carried out after discussions on the type of lifts required to meet the demands of the building, using the latest technology equipment.


    We modify our clients elevator with the latest and updated techniques, technology, design and compact features to ensure maximum safety and to reduce the energy cost.

    Repair and Services

    We posses dynamic professionals to provide repairing and other maintenance services at market price for better functioning of the elevators and its inner devices.

    Elevator Amc

    Fix any sort of elevator problem with our expert maintenance team who offers quick detection and best service.

    Elevator Contractors

    We are one of the renowned elevator contractors with enormous understanding and knowledge in this field.

    Elevator Installation Services

    Our company undertakes the service of elevator installation used in all commercial and residential spaces.


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